The various aspects of a beginners guideJanuary 25, 2019January 25, 2019Carson Freydel

You have never bet and you want to introduce you to the practice of sports betting? Follow this beginner’s guide which will allow you to start betting while limiting the risks. In order to win more you must visit empire777หน้าหลัก.

Choose a sport or competition that we know well

Difficult to bet on a sport that we do not know, to start betting well it is better to choose a sport or a competition of which you know well the rules and the main participants. If, for example, you are passionate about football, you can bet on the League 1 France Championship. You will have the opportunity to bet on other sports or other competitions as soon as you have better control of sports betting.

Start betting without risk thanks to the best bonuses

Take advantage of the bonuses offered by bookmakers to familiarize you with the sports betting site. For example, take advantage of the exceptional promotion of Betclic who repays your first bet if he is a loser!

Bet with your head and not with your heart

If you regularly follow a sport, you probably have your favorites and your players or teams that you do not like. You will therefore be greatly tempted to bet on a positive result from your favorite team or to play on a defeat of a team you do not like. This is something you should not do because it often leads to loss. In order to bet well, one must ignore one’s feelings and analyze the chances of each one as objectively as possible. It is not always easy to bet against his team or his favorite player, but the goal is to win his bet and not to see his wish to result come true.


Do not scatter

If you never bet you will be trying to try to place bets on different sports or trying all types of prognoses. It is advisable to practice a sport with a type of prognosis and test other possibilities once it is well under control. The easiest way to start is to bet on the final outcome of a match (“1 X 2” or “1 2”).

Start slowly

Do not bet big money! To start, bet small amounts, most bookmakers allow you to bet from € 1 or less. There is no point in trying a blow by placing a large sum from the beginning, because there is a high risk of failure. Set a reasonable initial budget and place your first bets. As you practice sports betting, you will gain experience that will allow you to control your bets and get more gains than losses. You will be able to bet more, but not before.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

This seems obvious, but when you have the feeling of being sure of a result, you want to bet as much as possible on this result. However, the result of any sports competition is uncertain and that’s what makes it more over its charm. The little can beat the big, it is what makes the attraction of competitions like the cuts of France, where amateurs are measured with professionals and the results are regularly surprising.